(Best Man x Big Express x Power 2 Change)
$200 Dose
$200 dose or contract pricing available
Stress Negative

Last fall we were talking to some of our southern buddies and they said the Best Man boar at Wintex was a must use, as he was getting ready to light up the barrow world. After talking to Will we bred him to a sister to Mr. Deeds that is just huge bodied, and flat good all around. With Mr Deeds siring the Reserve Grand Barrow at the 2013 Indiana State Fair, we combined Winning barrow pedigrees to make this guy! Mr. Tickles has perfect pastern strength on both ends, And squareness and security to his hock. He is tremendous in is depth and spring to his rib, and lays in a great flexible spine that allows for a flexible long stride. When you get up on Mr. Tickles he has great blade separation up top that opens up to a big back, that flows into a wide ham loin junction with a Perfect square hip. He combines a tall shouldered look with the width, muscle, and correctness it takes to win!


Half Cocked
(Full Monty X Gunslinger X Big Time 81-11)
$200 Dose
$200 dose or contract pricing available
Stress Negative

We are proud to introduce Half Cocked Those of you that know us know we like to keep some of our best around the farm to use and prove on our sows.  We kept Gotham the first year and proved him then sold him to Top Cut. Then we kept Mr. Deeds and won Reserve Grand barrow at Indiana. Now it is Half Cocked's turn!  This guy is our answer to the Bone Thug line.  Half Cocked was our standout of our spring crop. His mother was Champion Medium Weight at the 2013 Kentucky State Fair, and his dad is a Monumental son @ Marek's that just sired the Grand FFA barrow at Iowa.  Half Cocked has the show barrow look as he is tall at the point of the shoulder.  He has a massive forearm and blade working in him. When you get behind him and watch him go he is square to the ground with no bow or pop to his hock. Super Designed!  Big Backed!  Big Bodied!  Stout Made!  Stress Negative!

WD Roadie
(Big Affair X Drop Shot’s mother)
$150 Dose

Purchased online from WD as a baby
Stress Negative

WD Roadie is sired by Big Affair who sired the $380,000 Sky's The Limit. The cool thing his mother is the mother of Drop Shot!  That sow has left her mark in Watje's herd. WD Roadie is a Freak of Nature!  He has the bone of something that should be
kept in a cage in the basement and not let see the light of day! He has really good body and rib shape. Roadie is moderate in his length of body but good height at his shoulder, we really like our first litters out of him.
Owned with Newcastle Genetics

Blind Squirrel
(Renig x Big Time 81-11)

Stress Negative

Blind Squirrel was our best pig born last fall. He combines the show pig look with a GREAT appetite. Squirrel will fix those that are tight in their spine and give more range of motion.

This is one we have used really hard for fall born pigs. We expect him to give us the type that look great as baby pigs yet finish super strong.
Mr. Deeds
(Big Express x Thunderstruck's littermate)

Stress Carrier

Mr. Deeds was the boar we knew we were keeping when on the sow. He hurt a leg in July but that was never going to stop us from using him. Deeds was a rockstar as a baby pig and was the same at market weight.

If there is one thing we learned this year it is that those boars that look good as little pigs and finish out the same will throw the most salable, best finishing pigs. Big Express was the best 50# pig from a great litter last spring and grew out awesome and we expect Mr. Deeds to sire on in the same way.

Mr. Deeds is a moderate framed, power boar, that has a huge ribcage in him. This guy is square on his feet and legs and stays within his skeleton on the move. He has a huge blade working in him and his head carriage comes out of the top of the blade giving him that up-headed showpig look. Mr. Deeds is a littermate to Big Change at Lean Value Sires. We have used Mr. Deeds hard. Semen will now be available. Call Travis @ 574-870-0965. Mr. Deeds sired the Champion Crossbred which went on to win Reserve Grand Champion Barrow at the 2013 Indiana State Fair! Congratulations to Katelyn O'Farrell and the O'Farrell family for all of their hard work!

Chunky Monkey
(Big Express x Power to change x Gotham's mom )
$150 Dose
Stress Carrier

Chunky Monkey is the Full brother to Mr. Deeds. Chunky Monkey was the best pig born last fall for us and everyone that came thru begged us to cut him. We knew we had to keep him because of what we expected Mr. Deeds to do for us. Chunky is a huge boned and comes in a slightly bigger package than Mr. Deeds. We will have fall litters out of him and will use him hard this again this fall.

(On The Mark x Big Time 81-11)

Stress Negative

Wilbur is a boar we kept back last year to make whiteline and blues. This guy is a huge boned boar that runs uphill. Wilbur is stress negative, and this makes him perfect for those carrier black sows. Wilbur will add style and balance with an extra shot of bone. Wilbur's mother is a littermate to Torque and Big Express. Semen available now at $100 a dose.

Dirty Deeds
(GunSlinger x Littermate sister to Mr. Deeds)

Dirty Deeds was a Stud from day one.  Dirty Deeds is super stout in his skull and bone work.  When on the move he takes a great stride off both ends and is square to the ground.  He carries a big back and hip in him and completes it with a cocky head carriage for the winning look.

We are excited about the future of this guy and will use him on our best.
Thanks to Shipley Swine Genetics for their private purchase of this powerhouse.


Mr. Bigz

(GunSlinger x Full sister to Mr. Deeds)

Mr. Bigz is sired by GunSlinger on a full sister to Mr. Deeds. Thanks to Shipley's for partnering with us to keep this one.

Mr. Bigz is BIG EVERYWHERE: Big Rib, Big Back, and Big Butt!  All that in a super correct package.  If you need to make a change for the better call Shipley's at 740-745-2911


(Superman x Legend x Time Bandit)


Crusader is the Berkshire boar we were hoping for when we used Superman.  This litter was the best Berkshire litter we have had at PSG!  Crusader has the power and shape of Superman but has a more desirable rear leg set than other Superman sons.  This guy is true in his base width and comfortable on the move.  Crusaders mother is out of Legend back on a full sister to Dead or Alive and Out of Time.  Crusader was the best little berkshire baby we had started and finished as the best we have ever raised.  Same correct rear leg set as Different Strokes but with more base width and shape.  Thanks to Randy Shipley for his private purchase of Crusader.  

Big Change
Thank you to Lean Value Sires of their purchase of Big Change!  
(Big Guns X Friday sow)
Here he is... The one everyone was talking about. GunSlinger is the best we have put together! He has all our best sows backing him. His mother is our Friday sow who has raised the Grand barrow at the S.W. District in Oklahoma, Gilts in the sale at OYE, Champion Hamp at the Circle of Gold, Grand barrow at Carroll Co. IN, and our Black Friday sow who is Avatar's mother. GunSlinger has tremendous bone that is not old bone. Muscle yeah he has it in the right square build to make winning barrows. Wide and true all the way through. The thing that amazes people that see him is how correct and flexible he is on the move. Color doesn't matter when they are made right. Everyone who has been through said he is the best they have seen out this summer!! We have great faith in the generating ability of GunSlinger Thanks to Lairds Premium Blend Genetics for their $50,000 purchase off the farm.
Invisible Stripes
(Big Time 81-11 x Juicy)
$150 Dose
Stress Carrier

Invisible Stripes (Big Time 81-11 x Juicy) was the the best pig we had born last fall. He is the same mating as Big Guns at LVS and Time after Time at Purple Power. He is one that will add base, body ,and muscle. Use Invisible Stripes to power one up and give the barrow look. He has the same mother as Gotham, and Thunderstruck also. We will be using him hard. Stress Carrier Semen available at $150 dose

(Power 2 change x Gotham’s mom)

Stress Negative

Born 8/26/2010

Here he is - the one we could not afford to part with. Thanks to Dreher Showpigs for their 1/2 interest purchase. Thunderstruck is the biggest bodied, widest based, most massive boar we have generated to date! He has the bone, look and flexibility to generate the needed balance it takes to win. The most important thing for us in raising consistently deep crossbred litters is putting as many good sows back in our pedigrees. Thunderstruck’s mom is backed with our best sows, and she is proven generator. Thunderstruck is the next generation to winning show pigs! We have been very pleased with the 1st Thunder pigs! User tip: Use Thunderstruck to fix those tighter made sows that need more flexibility and body.  He will add base width and the look.

Big Guns
(Big Time 81-11 x Pitch Black)
Our thanks to Lean Value Sires for their private purchase of this guy.
Big Guns is wide, wide, Wide! He is stress negative and powerfully muscled with rib shape. Great bone and blade with super flexibility. He is a difference maker in 1 generation!
Big Time 81-11 x Suzie Q(Gotham’s sister)
Again thanks to Top Cut for their purchase of this heavy boned, big bodied, sound stud.
This one will fix a lot of problems in today’s crossbreds. The litter he is from was the best we
have had born. His mom is our best young sow!
Big Express
(Big Time 81-11 x Suzie Q)
Thanks to repeat costumer Cain Super Sires.
This guy was a stand out from day 1. Everyone wanted him as a barrow but we could not do it.
His value will be breeding on at Cain’s. You won’t be disappointed.
Time After Time(Spaghettios)
(Big Time 81-11 x Pitch Black)
Thanks to Purple Power and Rodibaughs for their purchase at the Crossbred Classic.
This guy has power and is sound.  He has a 55 gallon barrel shaped rib in him.
His mom also raised Gotham, Thunderstruck, and Big Guns. He will be heard from.
Purchased by Purple Power.
Different Strokes
(Gary Coleman x Champion gilt at 2010 Indiana St Fair)
Thanks to Top Cut for purchasing this boar before Summer Type Conference.
This guy was a breed changer. He was the winningest Berkshire sire of his time!
Feet and legs are awesome. And he is wide with muscle.
Go take a look for yourself at Top Cut!
Rear View
(Gary Coleman x Black Diamond)
Thanks to Lean Value Sires for their purchase of this Massive Beast.
Rear View is out of the same sow as Walk The Dog. Look at what Walk did in one year!
If you need jacked up at the point of the shoulder, and Muscle use this guy.
He will give you the look to win barrow shows.
Dark Knight
(Gotham x Friday)
Thanks to Joseph Yorkshires for their purchase of this Gotham son.
This guy was going to be our Belton entry.  His littermate sister was champion hamp at Circle of Gold.  His mom is a generator.  Call Nate for semen 740-504-0668
Thanks to Top Cut for their purchase of Gotham, Call Top Cut for semen
Thanks to Top Cut for their purchase of Villain -
an exciting son of Gotham
Thanks to Top Cut for their purchase of The Riddler -
Gotham x Pearl
Thanks to Cain Super Sires for their purchase of Avatar -
Chalk it up x Black Friday call Cain's for semen
Thanks to Crossroad Genetics for their purchase of Deadliest Catch - Gotham x Fatal 69-2 x Eye Candy x Pearl
Batman X Pearl
Thanks to Rockin' G for purchasing this class winner at Fall Classic!
Call Rockin' G to book semen for Joker 580-303-0925 or 580-393-2247
Blue Mountains
Fatal Attraction X Pearl
Stress Carrier

Class winner at Southwest Type Conference in Boston, TX Same mating as Pitch
Black, Extreme Caution and High Standards.
Big feet, upheaded, wide chested and correct. Our best sows are out of this mating! Call now to book your semen.

Semen also available on 25-1. Littermate to the Joker. Huge bone, biggest bodied Pearl son. He is the boar we chose to keep out of that liter. We are using this boar hard.
Stress Carrier

Bone, Width, Rib shape, Muscle, & STLYE! We had to keep this one. He has it all.
His mother won her class at 2008 Indiana State Fair. She was a littermate to
NBS champion cross and reserve division champion barrow at Indiana.
Littermate to Gotham won her class at the Belt Buckle in Texas.
Another littermate won his class at the Wisconsin State Fair.
He is the best we have raised so far.
1st Pigs are awesome!! He has met and exceeded our expectations!!
Walk the Dog
Hookem X Black Diamond
Thanks to Mauck's for the purchase of Walk The Dog.
Legendary Berkshire sire that almost all winning Berkshires go back to!
Chalk It Up
Night Tripp X Fatal Attraction X Pearl
Thanks to Breeders Choice boar stud for their purchase
at the 2009 Summer Type Conference!
Fatal 69-2 X Eye Candy X Pearl
Thanks to Purple Power boar stud for the purchase  
of Incline at the Indiana State Fair 2009!
Eye Candy X Pearl
Sired Fort Worth Grand
Sired Reserve Other Cross, Champion Heavy Cross,   
And Grand Champion Carcass at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2009!!

Purchased by Turning Point Sires.
True Blood
21 X Fatal Attraction X Pearl
Purchased by Turning Point Sires.
Pitch Black
Fatal Attraction X Pearl
Purchased by Hi Point