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Guess What
Keep em Guessing x Lock it Up
$150 dose

Guess What is a young boar we have very big plans for!
Sired by the Keep em Guessing boar at SGI back on a Lock it Up daughter that is a sister to The Truth. Guess What was one that everyone wanted us to cut as a baby pig, but we just had to keep him. Guess What is a moderate framed, shorter backed boar that matches up on those females that need to be downsized ,and given a better showpig look. Guess What is very secure and square in his hock, and has flexibility to move with ease. Very big legs on this guy. We have used Guess What on some of our best.

Mother of Guess What- Lock it Up x Visionary.


Total Jerk
The Jerk x Best Man
$150 dose

Sired by The Jerk back on a sister to Porch Honky. Total Jerk was born last fall and was a standout that had to be kept. Total Jerk is freakishly long necked yet has an incredibly stout skull. He is up on his toes and is a bigger hog that has mass and density. The first pigs have been very well received, and we have big plans for this guy in the future!

Sired by The Jerk back on a sister to Porch Honky. 


Band Perry
Porch Honky x Most Wanted
$100 dose

Band Perry is one of the Porch Honky sons we sold to Hi Point that we are very pleased to get back. Sired by Porch Honky back on a Most Wanted x Best Man sow that is Porch’s sister. His mother also raised the Talk Slowly boar we sold SGI. We feel this guy is very unique by being a lined up pedigree that will breed on consistency. Band Perry is a very dense made boar that will give you mass and bone in one shot!  Huge legged yet square and balanced! His brother created the boar we sold to SGI called Prove It. Take Band Perry to those sows that need bulked up and added bone, and you will be very pleased. You won’t be disappointed with the pigs out of Band Perry!


Mother of Band Perry and Talk Slowly


Porch Honky
Best Man X Big Express X Power to Change (Mr. Deeds littermate sister)
Call Hi Point for Semen

Porch Honky is a Best Man son out of the same mother as Dirty Deeds at Shipley’s. This guy is short backed with a big square hip, but where he is different than most Best Man son’s is he has a big robust rib cage. Porch Honky is stout boned and has thrown an incredible look through the front end! The first pigs out of Porch are very easy to sell and are starting to win the in the jackpots! We think this guy has done the best job of any boar we have ever raised and are looking forward to the future with his use.


The Truth
Lock It Up x Visionary
$250 Dose, guaranteed settle.

Contracts available
Owned with Outlier Genetics

The Truth is Unique for a Lock It Up son in his rib shape and depth of body. Very stout legged, and has a great skull in him. The Truth is shorter backed and tall shouldered, with a great hip and rear leg set. The Truth comes from a great mom that raised our Reserve division gilt at Indy and our Sketchy Bob boar last year. A littermate sister to The Truth won her class at WPX and was Grand overall at Hamilton Co. Indiana.

We plan to breed hard to The Truth.
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