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FBI 2.0
FBI x Gunslinger x Mr. Deeds(sister to Dirty Deeds)
$150 Dose
Buy 2 get 3rd dose free, guaranteed settle.

I'm guessing most have seen the Hard R boar that we sold Wintex, well this guy is out of the same boar. FBI 2.0 reminds us so much of FBI. He will bring the same stoutness, bulk, and look that FBI did, but with a tick more extension. We are looking forward to using this guy hard.


Sketchy Bob
(Porch Honky x Visionary)
$150 Dose
Buy 2 get 3rd dose free, guaranteed settle.

This guy is a mid February and out of our favorite litter this spring. The Visionary mom is out of the same mom as the points champion on the Ohio circuit in 2015. Porch Honky is our Best Man son that has done a great job for us!

Sketchy Bob's littermate sister was Reserve Champion division 1 at The Indiana State Fair and was very popular among those around the ring. Sketchy Bob is tall shouldered and short backed. This guy has a tremendous round rib laid in him. Sketchy Bob is square in his knee and his hock is true all the way to the ground. We love how this one has the coordination to go for the long drive yet still has the muscle needed to win. We plan on using this one hard!


The Jerk
(Redemption(Newcastle Genetics) x same mom as FBI and Water Buffalo Semen)
$150 Dose
Buy 2 get 3rd dose free, guaranteed settle.

The Jerk is a boar we feel is perfect for the future of our industry. We love to sell those barrows to win the big shows and this guy was on everyone's list as a must have as a baby. We fought the urge to cut this one because we knew what he could do for our future! We don't keep boars to sell semen on unless they can breed our sows and make hogs better. The Jerk is freaky tall shouldered with a giraffe neck on him. His blade is set right to allow him to flex and reach out of his front end. We love the natural rib shape that he has and still stout and Big backed. If you are sick of bow legged, flat pastern pigs that won't eat, than I invite you to give The Jerk a shot! We are looking forward to winning banners next year out of The Jerk!


Water Buffalo
(Most Wanted x wait n see)
$150 Dose
Buy 2 get 3rd dose free, guaranteed settle.

Water Buffalo is a littermate to our FBI boar.  Last year when we had this Most Wanted litter we knew we were on to something special!  Our good friend Chris Schillinger picked out Water Buffalo as the first pick of the litter and we kept FBI. When we lost FBI Chris asked if we would be interested in getting Water Buffalo back and we are so thankful we did!  FBI had a great set in his first year and we think Water Buffalo can carry on that success.

If you need a boar that can add bulk body and mass then this one should do the trick.  Tall shouldered, square built, and the muscle you need to win all come from this guy. One of his most unique parts is the appetite he Will inject into his babies. Water Buffalo will make those babies that will be the first out of the barn when you open the doors to your customers.


Porch Honky
Best Man X Big Express X Power to Change (Mr. Deeds littermate sister)
Call Hi Point for Semen

Porch Honky is a Best Man son out of the same mother as Dirty Deeds at Shipley’s. This guy is short backed with a big square hip, but where he is different than most Best Man son’s is he has a big robust rib cage. Porch Honky is stout boned and has thrown an incredible look through the front end! The first pigs out of Porch are very easy to sell and are starting to win the in the jackpots! We think this guy has done the best job of any boar we have ever raised and are looking forward to the future with his use.

Gummy Worm
Gummy Worm is a Non Typical X Crusader (littermate sister to Advance that McCoy’s purchased.)
Purebred Berkshire

$100 Dose
Buy 2 get 3rd dose free, guaranteed settle.

Gummy Worm is out of Mauck’s Non Typical boar back on a sister of the Advance boar that McCoy bought from us. This guy was so different as an 8 week old with such incredible mass, squareness, and look, we decided then that we had to keep him and use him hard. Gummy Worm is moderate in his length of body and is massive throughout. We love the rear leg design this guy has coming out of his hip. Use Gummy Worm on those Berkshire females that need more width and thickness and he will help with structural build.
Old Spice
Purebred York boar
Sired by High Country X Touch ‘em All.

$100 Dose
Buy 2 get 3rd dose free, guaranteed settle.

Bred by Jared Tribbett and family Sired by the High Country boar and out of the Reserve Junior Champion at 2014 Indiana State Fair Junior Show. This guy was a March born and we felt he was too young and good to leave to go to Indy so we talked Tribbett’s into letting him come here. Old Spice is tall shouldered and extended through his front end. He is up on his pasterns and wide and square from front to back. We are looking forward to see what this guy can do.

(Best Man x Big Express x Power 2 Change)
$200 Dose
$200 dose or contract pricing available
Stress Negative

Last fall we were talking to some of our southern buddies and they said the Best Man boar at Wintex was a must use, as he was getting ready to light up the barrow world. After talking to Will we bred him to a sister to Mr. Deeds that is just huge bodied, and flat good all around. With Mr Deeds siring the Reserve Grand Barrow at the 2013 Indiana State Fair, we combined Winning barrow pedigrees to make this guy! Mr. Tickles has perfect pastern strength on both ends, And squareness and security to his hock. He is tremendous in is depth and spring to his rib, and lays in a great flexible spine that allows for a flexible long stride. When you get up on Mr. Tickles he has great blade separation up top that opens up to a big back, that flows into a wide ham loin junction with a Perfect square hip. He combines a tall shouldered look with the width, muscle, and correctness it takes to win!


WD Roadie
(Big Affair X Drop Shot’s mother)
$150 Dose
Stress Negative

WD Roadie is sired by Big Affair who sired the $380,000 Sky's The Limit. The cool thing his mother is the mother of Drop Shot!  That sow has left her mark in Watje's herd.

WD Roadie is a Freak of Nature!  He has the bone of something that should be kept in a cage in the basement and not let see the light of day! He has really good body and rib shape.

Roadie is moderate in his length of body but good height at his shoulder, we really like our first litters out of him.

Owned with Newcastle Genetics

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