Tricked Out x Porch Honky

$300/dose – guaranteed settle

Sired by Tricked Out back on the most influential sow on the farm. 45 is a mean tweet waiting to happen! And your competition is sure to be easily offended in the ring.

45 comes from an outstanding litter with his brother being the incredible Hat Trick boar we sold Premium Blend Genetics.

45 is a stout hairy legged, bold ribbed dense bodied creature. I love the reach 45 has off of both ends of his skeleton.

We feel 45 can move the needle on females in terms of muscle, stoutness, and look. We plan on breeding a bunch to 45. Feel free to give Travis a call to discuss how 45 can take us to the good times again.


Always Dreaming x Never Before

$200/dose – guaranteed settle
Dream On
Dream On's Mom

Dream On’s Mom

Last year we went all-in on the Always Dreaming boar, and it paid huge dividends with wins at all levels! When AJ Genter reached out about buying Always Dreaming from us it wasn’t an easy decision, but we parted with him and he’s now a resident of Buckeye state because we had an ace up our sleeve!

And that ace is named Dream On!

Sired by Always Dreaming, back on a Never Before x Porch Honky sow that is a littermate to Round Here Buzz. This sow is also the mother of Succession @Premium Blend and ISH standing here.

Dream On is huge-legged and strong pasterned. He has a great big rear leg that has clean joints and helps him travel with reach and squareness. I love his length of hip, and the way he ties in his big back with rear hip squareness can win majors. When people ask how he will sire compared to Always Dreaming, I would say he will sire like his dad but with bigger legs, better pasterns and a cooler look up front. I see a bright future for us to Dream On!

Dream On had a littermate win his class at Wisconson State Fair and is a full sib (mom’s are sisters) to the 3rd Overall Division 3 cross gilt at the Indiana State Fair, Grand Overall at Hamilton County, 5th Overall Division 3 cross barrow at Indiana State Fair, and Grand Overall barrow at Kosciusko County.

Get ahold of Travis to discuss Dream On or the other boars we have available,  574-870-0965.

Don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams and goals! Remember they are your’s, not theirs! So Dream On!


Next Intention x Lock it Up

Buy 2 doses – get 1 free
Choir Boy
Choir Boy

Sired By Next Intention and back on one of our Lock It Up X Visionary sows.  We have loved this guy from the very beginning and had sows slated to breed to him as soon as we could get him going.  Short backed and round ribbed!  We love the stoutness this guy has yet still extended in his neck.  We feel he has some of the best range of motion for something sired by Next.  He is very square in his build, and we feel Choir Buy is the “Next” we have been looking for!  Choir Boy has been described by those that have seen him as the best hip they have seen out of the Next line. Choir Boy comes from a great sow and a great litter.  We have been using him hard! 


Next In Line x Never Before

$200/dose guaranteed settle

Sired by the Next In Line boar that is a Next Intention x Best Kept Secret sister. Ish’s mom is a littermate to Round Here Buzz that stands at Burzlaff’s. ISH comes from a great litter that includes the Succession boar at Laird’s. ISH will fix those sows that need to be taller shouldered and better pasterned. ISH has big legs with fat toes with spread. ISH is incredible in his expansion of rib cage transitioning out of his blade with barrel shape curvature that will fix those flatter foreribbed sows. ISH has genuine muscle that is laid on his structure correctly. I love the squareness of chest and knee ISH has and then his security of his rear leg with ability to drive and reach. Use ISH with confidence to fulfill our motto of building better hogs and not just hype!



Hat Trick
Tricked Out x Porch Honkey (Best Man son)
Now standing at Premium Blend Genetics

Pay attention here!!!
HAT TRICK is a VERY special son of Tricked Out–who is off to one of the best starts generating champions of any young boar we have housed at PBG!! HAT TRICK’s mother is the tremendous Porch Honkey sow at Perry’s who Travis calls the most influential sow at Perry Swine Genetics!! In addition to HAT TRICK, His dam is also the mother of Prove It, Round Here Buzz, and Southern Buzz, as well as a very impressive list of winners and sale-makers in the Southwest! Travis Perry has been known to make very influential, “changer” type of boars within the industry that breed on, generate, and make a difference!! This gives us even more confidence in the consistent generating power we believe HAT TRICK will become known for!! We’d like to give a big “Thank You” to Travis Perry and his family for the opportunity to make the trip and purchase HAT TRICK and SUCCESSION and bring them to PBG!

HAT TRICK has blown visitors away!! He immediately grabs you with an extremely unique look through his head and neck, enormous legs, and the trademark presence and design that Tricked Out is generating at a very consistent level!! He is a monster in his chest width and maintains this immense spread through his mid body and leaves you with that same powerful view! He has a big rolled up back and a crisp loin edge, exhibiting the extreme muscle expression that is one of the trademarks of the Perry Swine Genetics program—it is engrained in them!! HAT TRICK bears an incredible resemblance to Tricked Out at this same stage!! He brings all those same extremes into one very ELITE package! HAT TRICK is absolutely loaded with the “ests” that it takes to make the kind that stand out in a crowd and grab BIG banners!


Next In Line x Never Before

Now standing at Premium Blend Genetics

Study hard here!!
The SUCCESSION plan!! This is the boar that can offer that final piece to the puzzle to take you where you want to go! We first noticed SUCCESSION when Travis Perry started posting his pictures on social media through different stages as he matured. He caught our eye as being an extremely unique one that looked like he had a ton of breeding value, especially as an elite piece when needing width of chest, extreme muscle and power, with the kind of skull and head shape you wish they all had! His pedigree offers a power packed combination of elite generating boars and sows!! SUCCESSION is sired by the Brockman-bred boar Next In Line (Next Intention x Best Kept Secret’s Sister) and his mother is a daughter of the living legend—Never Before! This genetic power gives us extreme confidence in SUCCESSION to generate elite quality very consistently! Perry Swine Genetics is known for making unique ones that stand out and generate at a very high level. The traits that shine in SUCCESSION are what the Perry’s believe in and have engrained in their genetics. Whenever we can buy boars from firms with that mindset, it gives you even more confidence in the boar’s ability to consistently make pigs true to the phenotypic traits they display. In this case, SUCCESSION has been bred with a detailed game plan to look like this for generations!! Travis calls this his favorite boar he has produced since Gotham (Sire of Outta Hand, Grand-Sire of Outta Hand 235, Great-Grandsire of the legendary Best Man) and we all know the major impact Gotham and those descendants had on the showpig industry! SUCCESSION has those elite, far reaching traits necessary to take giant leaps forward and win big shows. We think it’s going to be a fun ride with SUCCESSION! We are thrilled to add him to our line-up we are able to offer to our customers. Tremendous combination of rib, body, & power with athleticism and flexibility it is very difficult to find. When you add in the serious sow power behind boar, coming from a firm proven to produce winning show stock at the highest levels and breeding stock that has consistently been extremely influential for many years, it makes it an easy decision to own SUCCESSION!

SUCCESSION is a boar that is so impressive in so many areas! He puts a lot of unique pieces together to make a very exciting sire! SUCCESSION is enormous in his width of chest, giving you an unforgettable view as he drives right at you. This width and spread continues to impress, exploding out of the backside of his shoulder blade, with a deep groove and razor-sharp loin edge that looks straight out of the year 2000. With that, he is still a big ribbed, good bodied, stout featured, durable one that is made tough! His skull shape and look is unforgettable and his offspring are sure to leave a lasting impression. SUCCESSION has tremendous length of hip and shape to his rump muscle is ideal, which allows him to remain so athletic and flexible as he drives. All this above leads us to believe that SUCESSION has what it takes to make the unique, special ones that win on the big stages. It’s always good to have a SUCCESSION plan! We like this one a bunch!


Unashamed x Up The Odds
Now standing at Genter Show Stock


Never Before x Porch Honkey


Now standing at Dan Burzlaff’s, Iowa


Cruel Bear
Now standing at TBEZ Showpigs in Minnesota.


Unashamed X Up the Odds (Chewy)

Now standing at Southern Gold Sires
Littermate to Always Dreaming


Never Before x Sketchy Bob